About Gibby’s Seafood and Gourmet Market

Born and raised in Maryland

Charlie Gibby has been the driving force behind the Gibby’s Seafood brand for the past thirty years.  Originally born in Utah, Charlie traveled a lot as a child due to his father’s government job.  While working as a chemist formulating paints, he bought a house on the Gunpowder River.  He spent his leisure time catching crabs off his pier.  Two crabs became ten crabs, which became a bushel, which became fifty bushels.  Charlie changed professions from chemist to crabber, and Gibby’s Seafood was born.

Today, Gibby’s Seafood and Gourmet Market takes pride in offering only the finest quality and freshest seafood. We scrutinize every product that passes through our store to make sure that only the best makes its way to your table.

We offer the finest crabs in Maryland, steamed or live, exactly the way it’s always been done, spiced to your specific tastes.

Charlie also brought his delicious menu of kitchen items over from the restaurant and now offers everything carryout, featuring an impressive selection of homemade soups, salads, prepared foods, and chef specialty dishes.

The market also carries Boar’s Head lunch meat, Fisher’s popcorn, and much more to complement the seafood selections

Found in the heart of Timonium, we can be found on York road above the fairgrounds. We are easily accessible from interstate 83.